socialremorse socialremorse 1/3 cup chopped onions/green peppers. 1/4lb Chorizo. 5 eggs. 3 Tbsp soaked raisins. 1/4 Billy's beer. Dash of cilantro and garlic. Yum
23 May 10
goodtoweet goodtoweet Sauté wild mushrooms in butter w crushed garlic S&P, add dash cream. Serve on griddled sourdough, garnish w chopped chervil/parsley
12 May 10
charleebrawn charleebrawn Fish taco: Ice berg lettuce, diced chopped tomatoes, grilled white tuna, mayo mix sri racha spicy sauce, taco wrap...put all this together!
27 Apr 10
specialforksndy specialforksndy @CharlieDior Mix lb g beef w 1/4c BBQ sauce+1/2c oats+1/2 c chopped onion+1 egg.Form loaf, bake 375F abt 45 min top w/ 1/4 c BBQ sauce.
26 Apr 10
twicipetweet twicipetweet RT @HobbyMaster I like mash with Chopped fresh chives and Mustard, how do you like yours? #twicipe
14 Mar 10