SashG SashG Easy pancakes: 1Cup milk+1cup all purpose flour+1 egg+2tbs butter+1tsp sugar+1tsp salt+1tsp baking powder= mix & make!
23 May 10
_AthenaLee_ _AthenaLee_ Just made Pumpkin Muffins 4 my man. So easy 2 make & so yummy! 1 box of spice cake mix, 1 can pumpkin, 1/2c water. Mix & bake for 20m @ 350
9 May 10
NettieWriter NettieWriter Mexican Hot Chocolate:Make a hot chocolate and add a cinamon stick stirrer. Arriba!!! #tweettreats
3 May 10
twicipetweet twicipetweet RT @HobbyMaster: to make light fluffier mashed potatoes adda pinch of baking powder before whipping #twicipe
17 Mar 10
lisaborden lisaborden YUM! RT @catekustanczy: Steam greens in beer/onion. Delicious. Serve w stew/bread. RT @LisaBorden make green kale, not green beer #twecipe
17 Mar 10
teanamu teanamu Make ur own 8Treasures #Tea: Goji, Chinese dates, chrysanthemum, rose buds, Jasmine, osmanthus, longan, ginger #twecipe
13 Mar 10