Halseys_deli Halseys_deli Italian tomato soup with rocket pesto, Steak & mushroom ciabatta, hot roast pork roll and to finish local rhubarb eton mess. mmmmmmarvelous!
12 May 10
cookbook cookbook Cauliflower Bites: Toss lrg cauliflrflorets/3T olvoil/t currypdr/2t cumin&garlc/s+p. Roast on bkgsheet~20m@400F; turn1x. Srv w Raita.
9 May 10
Cidtalk Cidtalk Roast squash, fresh ginger, lemon zest, fresh thyme/basil/sage, in a won ton - browned and steamed for a few minutes....delicious!!!
1 May 10
mattjesson mattjesson Butternut squash soup:halve score,butter,roast 30min;onion+garlic, fry;scoop flesh to pan+stock just cover; simmer 5min,50ml cream,herb;wiz.
1 May 10
savorandcrave savorandcrave Simplicity is best for certain veggies. For a quick side dish, brush honey infused butter on butternut squash halves, oven roast or grill.
1 May 10
ZiggyPiecrust ZiggyPiecrust One last food gush - we've had roasted asparagus everyday for the past week - toss with a splash of olive oil, s&p, roast @400F for 10mins.
26 Apr 10
goodtoweet goodtoweet Roast 3" sticks of rhubarb, sprinkled liberally w vanilla sugar +splash W wine @ 180C for 20/30mins, til tender. Serve just warm with cream.
25 Apr 10
seo01 seo01 WinterTart:Dice & Roast lge Betroot& Butternut Sqsh,mix with feta& pinenuts,put on a lge square of prerolled puffpastry,180C 20m
14 Mar 10