helen_kara helen_kara Spread 2 slices bread thinly with mayo, then 1 with peanut butter + 1 with cream cheese. Add sliced tomatoes, sandwich, scoff. #tweettreats
8 May 10
irishtigerlily irishtigerlily Quick snack recipe: Grab little baguettes/bread stuffing, butter & Montreal steak seasoning, toast in the oven. 15 mins @ 350F = yumtastic.
26 Apr 10
simonrim simonrim over bread mix top with dem sugar. bake 180c 40 mins, serve with cream. watch this at www.eatthechef.com
25 Apr 10
u89djt u89djt #twicipe cheese on toast made with really mature cheddar on Sainsbury's artisan olive bread, 10 days stale(!) Crunchy and delicious.
27 Mar 10
lisaborden lisaborden YUM! RT @catekustanczy: Steam greens in beer/onion. Delicious. Serve w stew/bread. RT @LisaBorden make green kale, not green beer #twecipe
17 Mar 10
jancyoverell jancyoverell #twicipe Best breakfast: favourite bread, slice yourself, toast, lots of good butter - try Riverford, early grey + splash of milk, no subs
14 Mar 10
GeoffJones GeoffJones #twicipe saute leeks, carrots,garlic add mussels and 2 glasses of white wine steam until all mussels open serve with hot bread or chips :-)
14 Mar 10