SanyaV SanyaV Blue cheese, sliced pear, scattered toasted hazelnuts.Drop of honey.Oatcakes. Glass of port.End of meal; ouverture to the night.#tweettreats
8 May 10
helen_kara helen_kara Spread 2 slices bread thinly with mayo, then 1 with peanut butter + 1 with cream cheese. Add sliced tomatoes, sandwich, scoff. #tweettreats
8 May 10
lilbitzfoxe lilbitzfoxe Cheese sauce: melt tbsp, butter stir in 2 tbsp flour. Whisk in 3/4 pt of milk in thirds till it thickens. Grate in cheese. #tweettreats
3 May 10
jameymoe jameymoe Salad: lettuce, tomato, onion, boiled eggs, mayo, cheese cubes, salt, pepper, and stir. Serve immediately.
3 May 10
beachroses beachroses I made cheese sauce w lowfat milk and a dash of wine, turned out pretty well. Easy, 2TB butter 2TB flour 1cup milk 2handfuls of cheese.
25 Apr 10
jancyoverell jancyoverell #twicipe Oven dry 12 toms cut in hlf for 1hr. Put on puff pastry with blue cheese - try stichelton. Bake for 20 mins. Top with lots rocket.
7 Apr 10
u89djt u89djt #twicipe cheese on toast made with really mature cheddar on Sainsbury's artisan olive bread, 10 days stale(!) Crunchy and delicious.
27 Mar 10
beth_tk beth_tk #twicipe Quiche: plain flour+butter for pastry. Filling: 3 eggs, evaporated milk and nutmeg, cheese etc optional. Oven 30 mins 180C.
20 Mar 10
shadchnev shadchnev #twicipe My favourite: brown chicken pieces with cherry tomatoes, garlic and pesto, then add creme fraiche and cheese and serve with rice
13 Mar 10