AmyBosch AmyBosch Caramel Sauce:1 cup sugar,6 tbsp butter, .5 cup heavy cream.Heat sugar on high.Boil w/out burning.Add butter,whisk.Count to 3 add cream.mmm
23 May 10
goodtoweet goodtoweet Sauté wild mushrooms in butter w crushed garlic S&P, add dash cream. Serve on griddled sourdough, garnish w chopped chervil/parsley
12 May 10
helen_kara helen_kara Spread 2 slices bread thinly with mayo, then 1 with peanut butter + 1 with cream cheese. Add sliced tomatoes, sandwich, scoff. #tweettreats
8 May 10
NettieWriter NettieWriter Poach pears in Mulled wine and serve with thick cream. #tweettreats
3 May 10
lilbitzfoxe lilbitzfoxe Last 1 - dessert: Melt 2 squares dark choc with 1/2 tbsp cream. Stir in vanilla extract. Dip strawberries and chill to set. #tweettreats
3 May 10
mattjesson mattjesson Butternut squash soup:halve score,butter,roast 30min;onion+garlic, fry;scoop flesh to pan+stock just cover; simmer 5min,50ml cream,herb;wiz.
1 May 10
CiaranMcNulty CiaranMcNulty @Wheeler Sweat leek and 2 clove garlic, tsp paprika, add glass white wine and 1kg mussells, lid on for 7min, dollop of cream, serve #twecipe
26 Apr 10
easychefrecipes easychefrecipes #recipes baked fudge with kahlua cream: Fudge2 cups granulated sugar 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 3/4 cup cocoa..
25 Apr 10
bobbyllew bobbyllew add sugar to cream, eggs milk, sorry, forgot sugar, leave it for 30 mins, shove in over for 25 mins, 180c. Serve with custard. Pure tummy.
25 Apr 10
goodtoweet goodtoweet Roast 3" sticks of rhubarb, sprinkled liberally w vanilla sugar +splash W wine @ 180C for 20/30mins, til tender. Serve just warm with cream.
25 Apr 10
simonrim simonrim over bread mix top with dem sugar. bake 180c 40 mins, serve with cream. watch this at
25 Apr 10
seo01 seo01 White Russian: dble Vodka, sgl Kaluha, ice, in a small tumbler topped with cream or milk, a shake of cocoa to finish #cocktail #twicipe
6 Apr 10