socialremorse socialremorse 1/3 cup chopped onions/green peppers. 1/4lb Chorizo. 5 eggs. 3 Tbsp soaked raisins. 1/4 Billy's beer. Dash of cilantro and garlic. Yum
23 May 10
HackaPhreaka HackaPhreaka Tonight's #cocktail Pimm's Cup 1 1/2 oz Pimm's / 7UP / Cucumber spear garnish Green apple slice garnish (never red) / Iced collins glass.
8 May 10
staceaustin staceaustin Green Smoothie #2 - Island Style: 1c org spinach, 1/2c parsley, 1/2c fro strawberries, 2 mangos, 1/2 banana, 1c water. Use organic if poss.
27 Apr 10
staceaustin staceaustin Green Smoothie #3 Morning Mojito: 1.5c fro peaches, 1 banana, 1-2c Spinach, 1c apple juice, 10 or more mint leaves...add to taste.
27 Apr 10
blaqberry blaqberry First smoothie of the day: kale, apple, goji, hemp, coconut, green superfood, chia, water. "mmmm" #rawfood #superfood #smoothie
27 Apr 10
lisaborden lisaborden YUM! RT @catekustanczy: Steam greens in beer/onion. Delicious. Serve w stew/bread. RT @LisaBorden make green kale, not green beer #twecipe
17 Mar 10