jancyoverell jancyoverell #twicipe Hot day smoothie: tub ben and jerrys frozen chocolate yoghurt, tub raspberries and orange juice -- blend
9 May 10
jancyoverell jancyoverell #twicipe Flapjacks: melt 100gbutter add 3tbspgldnsyrup + 3tbsphoney + 250g oats + 2 mshd banana + few crnbrries. Bake 160 40mns in 18cmsqtin
9 May 10
jancyoverell jancyoverell #twicipe Oven dry 12 toms cut in hlf for 1hr. Put on puff pastry with blue cheese - try stichelton. Bake for 20 mins. Top with lots rocket.
7 Apr 10
jancyoverell jancyoverell #twicipe Carrot cake:Mx 3C flour 2tsp b pwder 2tsp cinmn.Add 1.5C oil 2tsp vanilla 2C sugar 2C carrot smlcan pinapple & 3eggs.Bake 70min
18 Mar 10
jancyoverell jancyoverell #twicipe toast pinenuts, fry 1 tin artichoke hearts, 1 onion and 2 garlic cloves, add 2 large handfuls of kale, add to pasta and olive oil
15 Mar 10
jancyoverell jancyoverell #twicipe Best breakfast: favourite bread, slice yourself, toast, lots of good butter - try Riverford, early grey + splash of milk, no subs
14 Mar 10
jancyoverell jancyoverell #twicipe Today's pudding: nice bottle of merlot and sweet red plums!
14 Mar 10