SashG SashG Easy pancakes: 1Cup milk+1cup all purpose flour+1 egg+2tbs butter+1tsp sugar+1tsp salt+1tsp baking powder= mix & make!
23 May 10
ChrisSnape ChrisSnape 4tbsp flour, 4tbsp sugar, 2tbsp cocoa, 3tbsp milk, 3tbsp oil, mix it up in a mug. Microwave for 3mins 20 secs... Muffin in a mug. Try it!
9 May 10
HelenRedders HelenRedders Malteser Cake. Melt 100g butter 200g milk choc 3 tbsp syrup. Mix in 225g crushed digestives & 225g maltesers. Chill in tray #tweettreats
8 May 10
HelenRedders HelenRedders Creamy rice pudding. 100g short grain rice, 50g sugar, 2 pints full fat milk. Lots of grated nutmeg. Low oven for 2 hours. #tweettreats
3 May 10
lilbitzfoxe lilbitzfoxe Cheese sauce: melt tbsp, butter stir in 2 tbsp flour. Whisk in 3/4 pt of milk in thirds till it thickens. Grate in cheese. #tweettreats
3 May 10
fuelthefighter fuelthefighter Spring smoothie: 1 scoop vanilla whey, 1 diced peach, 1/2c raspberries, 2 tbsp honey crunch wheat germ, 1/2c skim milk, 5 ice cubes
27 Apr 10
demophon demophon Just made banana smoothies they were good. 1 banana 1tsp vanilla 6oz milk & 6 ice cubes sweeten to taste (I used 2 splenda) blend - yum
26 Apr 10
firstbite firstbite 1 frozen banana+1c milk+1T peanut butter+1tsp chocolate sauce=delicious ice-creamy lowfat milkshake
26 Apr 10
beachroses beachroses I made cheese sauce w lowfat milk and a dash of wine, turned out pretty well. Easy, 2TB butter 2TB flour 1cup milk 2handfuls of cheese.
25 Apr 10
bobbyllew bobbyllew add sugar to cream, eggs milk, sorry, forgot sugar, leave it for 30 mins, shove in over for 25 mins, 180c. Serve with custard. Pure tummy.
25 Apr 10
seo01 seo01 White Russian: dble Vodka, sgl Kaluha, ice, in a small tumbler topped with cream or milk, a shake of cocoa to finish #cocktail #twicipe
6 Apr 10
twicipetweet twicipetweet RT @terylworster: Best waffles yet! 2 c Pamela's baking mix, 1 1/4 milk, 2 TBSP oil, 2 TBSP melted butter, 4 eggs. #twicipe
24 Mar 10
beth_tk beth_tk #twicipe Quiche: plain flour+butter for pastry. Filling: 3 eggs, evaporated milk and nutmeg, cheese etc optional. Oven 30 mins 180C.
20 Mar 10
jancyoverell jancyoverell #twicipe Best breakfast: favourite bread, slice yourself, toast, lots of good butter - try Riverford, early grey + splash of milk, no subs
14 Mar 10
u89djt u89djt #twicipe Chai 1mug water 7cloves 7green cardamom 2"cinamon 1"gnger sliced, simmer 8min, 2 darjling bag 6tsp sug 1mug milk to boil,
14 Mar 10
beth_tk beth_tk #twicipe Welshcakes: 8oz SR flour, 4 oz butter, 1 sugar, egg, 1tbsp milk, sultanas. Mix into biscuit shapes then griddle to golden brown.
14 Mar 10