AmyBosch AmyBosch Caramel Sauce:1 cup sugar,6 tbsp butter, .5 cup heavy cream.Heat sugar on high.Boil w/out burning.Add butter,whisk.Count to 3 add cream.mmm
23 May 10
lilbitzfoxe lilbitzfoxe Cheese sauce: melt tbsp, butter stir in 2 tbsp flour. Whisk in 3/4 pt of milk in thirds till it thickens. Grate in cheese. #tweettreats
3 May 10
charleebrawn charleebrawn Fish taco: Ice berg lettuce, diced chopped tomatoes, grilled white tuna, mayo mix sri racha spicy sauce, taco wrap...put all this together!
27 Apr 10
firstbite firstbite 1 frozen banana+1c milk+1T peanut butter+1tsp chocolate sauce=delicious ice-creamy lowfat milkshake
26 Apr 10
specialforksndy specialforksndy @CharlieDior Mix lb g beef w 1/4c BBQ sauce+1/2c oats+1/2 c chopped onion+1 egg.Form loaf, bake 375F abt 45 min top w/ 1/4 c BBQ sauce.
26 Apr 10
beachroses beachroses I made cheese sauce w lowfat milk and a dash of wine, turned out pretty well. Easy, 2TB butter 2TB flour 1cup milk 2handfuls of cheese.
25 Apr 10