seo01 seo01 Tring's Colley'sDog-my first beer of the night and my fav after a CAMRA pubramble #twicipe
8 Apr 10
seo01 seo01 White Russian: dble Vodka, sgl Kaluha, ice, in a small tumbler topped with cream or milk, a shake of cocoa to finish #cocktail #twicipe
6 Apr 10
seo01 seo01 WinterTart:Dice & Roast lge Betroot& Butternut Sqsh,mix with feta& pinenuts,put on a lge square of prerolled puffpastry,180C 20m
14 Mar 10
seo01 seo01 Caipirinha: Served in a tumbler, double shot cachaca, a whole crushed quartered lime, tsp sugar, topped with crushed ice #twicipe #cocktail
13 Mar 10